Welcome To My GITA 1 Webpage

Hi! I'm Ellie and this is the webpage for my Computer Science 1 class. This year I'm
learning C#, a modern well language in business. I have all my projects posted
so you can download them by clicking on the images next to the description.

I am currently a freshman at BOHS and some of the classes I am taking this year
are GITA 1, Marching Band, Algebra 2/Trig, AP Computer Science Principles and
Spanish 2. My goals for this year are to expand my knowledge on computer science
to be able to work with it more in the future. Click here to download Visual Studio.

Goodbye Program


This program tells you how to say "goodbye" in 6 different languages and shows you an image of the country's flag.

Help Page


This program lets the user can press different buttons to display information, images, and change font and text color.

Mailing Label


This program takes user input to get and store information and output it to a label in a mailing label format.

Car Rental


This program gets user information through user input to calculate the cost of a car rental. It also calculates the number of miles driven, outputs the user information, and does manager calculations.



This program allows users to enter their height and weight then the information is used to calculate BMI. It can also calculate the average BMI and provides BMI information.

Car Rental Upgrade


This program is an upgraded version of Car Rental. It's added features include radio buttons and checkboxes to allow the user to choose their car and pick optional upgrades.

Test Score Program


This program allows the user to enter two test scores and calculates the letter grade of both tests, outputs which score is higher, and outputs the average of the two scores.

Dice Program


This program simulates two rolling dice and displays the faces of the number the user "rolled" with random numbers. This can be used to find experimental probability since it also find the sum of the rolls.

Craps Dice Game


This program is similae to the Dice Program, and it also uses random numbers to simulate rolling dice to play the Vegas Craps Game.

T-Shirt Program


This program calculates and displays T-shirt sales based on user choices for size and additional extras. It also keeps track of user order number.

Slot Machine


This program simulates a slot machine. It allows the user to input money to spend on bets, and how much per bet, then randomly chooses three pictures to see if they match. If they match, the user wins a jackpot.



This program is a rock-paper-scissors game. It allows two people to play and hides the first person's choice. It also keeps track of how many wins each person has.

Fish 1


This program moves a fish left or right with buttons manually or automatically. It also keeps track of how many times it bumps the left and right side of the tank.

Fish 2D


This program moves a fish and a shark right, left, up, or down manually or automatically. It keeps track of how how many times the shark and fish bump each side of the tank. The shark can eat the fish.



This program is a two person tic-tac-toe game. It uses x's and o's and resets once someone wins or the players tie for a new game.



This program calculates different number sequences based on user input and find their sum.

Basic AI Game


This program uses an AI to follow the player while the player tries to move away from and shoot at the AI using arrow keys. The AI can take away health from the player by colliding and the player takes away health from the AI by shooting.

Star Field


This program creates the illusion of moving stars by allowing them to go in different directions based on location.

Fish Aquarium


This program creates an "aquarium" with moving fish that can be caught by a boat or eaten by a shark. Once the fish is dead, a skeleton fish displays in its place.

Number Array


This program generates 5000 random numbers and calculates the maximum, minimum, and average of the numbers.

Space Explorer


You are the astronaut and you are trying to collect all of the gems! As you go through the levels, be sure to avoid meteors, barriers, and monsters during your gem collection or you will have to restart! You get points for every monsster you kill and for every gem you collect. Try to get as many points as possible! In the last level, you have 5 lives to try and defeat the boss monster with the blaster. Use the arrow or WASD keys to control the astronaut and the space bar to shoot bullets.